Online gaming is stressful for me (and it shouldn't be)

It’s not often that I have the time to play a game on my PlayStation 4, PC or Wii U. I cherish those moments. In the meantime some of my friends have all the time in the world. They play their games daily, getting better and better and hoarding the best guns and gear in Destiny faster than I ever could.

Online gaming should be a relaxing experience for everyone but for me it’s a constant race to keep up.

I’m not very good in the games I play which is glaringly obvious when I play with friends. My character is a lower level, my guns aren’t as good and my aim is terrible. All because I can’t invest the time to become just as good at it. This makes online gaming a stressful experience.

After a day in the office I want to be able to kick back and ease through an online world: kick some alien ass, drift through a corner in Japan, beat my friends’ high score. But I can’t enjoy any of that.

To be honest, what am I even complaining about? For me though, it’s becoming a problem. I like playing video games. It’s just that I hate the race to keep up with friends and other people I meet in-game.

Maybe I should stick to single player, or a different genre, or a different console. I hear mobile gaming is pretty popular these days.