How to reset iCloud bookmark sync

Some people get into a huge bookmark mess when they want to merge and sync their bookmarks via iCloud. This is how I finally fixed my issue.

How to move a WordPress website to a new domain

If you want to move your entire WordPress website to a new domain there’s just three SQL queries to run. First we can change the base URL of the website.

Monitor Amazon Web Services RDS instances with Nagios

RDS or Relational Database Service allows you to run on-demand servers with full access to MySQL and Oracle databases. When you’re using Nagios it’s nice to have an alert for when your RDS instance becomes unresponsive. Nagios Exchange provides a small Perl script that can do exactly that.

A faster WordPress with Lighttpd

For the sake of this tutorial and my own comfort I’m going to assume you’re using some sort of Debian based Linux distribution. But of course this will work on anything that runs Lighttpd.