For the past few years my website has been in a state of constant flux. I would change the design over and over, I would change course with my content, I would not post a single thing for months on end. Most of those issues existed because of one thing: lack of focus.

In an effort to reduce costs and overhead I got rid of all of my virtual servers and consolidated everything at AWS. My website is now running on S3 and CloudFront which gives it a nice little performance boost. But the most important thing is, I don’t have to worry about updating my servers or being able to handle a sudden burst in traffic. Hosting my website now typically only costs between $1 and $2 a month.

The design has stayed the same for the most part, I just did a lot of optimizations by getting rid of unnecessary CSS and visual clutter. The most noticeable change is the way the posts are presented on the homepage. Instead of showing you the first paragraph I decided to go with a description of the content within.

Prior to 2019 I wrote a lot of tutorials related to technology. You may have noticed those are all gone from the main website - they now reside in an archive up on GitHub. I did this because most or all information in those old posts is outdated. This looks bad and I don’t want the burden of updating all posts, at least not right now. Some posts may come back later.

There are some technical challenges I want to tackle in the coming months related to deployment and I want to upgrade some code to make use of more modern components. I’m also thinking about a solution to create a nice looking yearly archive within the boundaries of the design language I created.

As far as content goes 2019 has been going well so far. I pledged to myself to write more because it brings me joy and I finally have a simple maintenance-free place to do it. I will write whatever comes to mind without hesitation because I like doing it for myself. I don’t plan to ever monetize this website.

You can expect many things to show up here and I hope you’ll tag along for the ride.