If you’re anything like me you probably love to talk about the tools that you use to do your work every day. This page serves as a living document of the things I use every day.

Desktop apps

I use a lot of apps throughout the day but these are the ones I use the most.

  • Google Chrome: I’m trying to switch over to the new, lightning fast, Firefox but I still haven’t. It’s only a matter of time though.
  • iTerm2: I work in the terminal 80% of the time, why not pick the best terminal app?
  • Tweetbot: not sure if it’s still the best Twitter desktop client, but it’s what I’m used to and it syncs nicely with my iOS devices.
  • Reminders: it’s free, it makes lists, that’s all I ask from it.
  • Atom: I mainly use Atom for the incredible plugins it offers, which make my life a little bit easier. I know I should use Vim, I don’t care.
  • 1Password: 1Password really is a life saver. I couldn’t possibly live without it.
  • Slack: there are a lot of great Slack groups to talk about common interests, that’s why I like it. I occasianally use the IRC gateway because the Slack app uses a lot of memory.

Mobile apps

  • Google Maps: I start and end my day with Google Maps to look at the traffic situation.
  • Spotify: this is my only source of music in the car and in the office, I can’t stand listening to the radio.
  • Instagram: I love taking pictures, but not as much as looking at them.
  • Overcast: to kill time in the car I listen to podcasts all the time.
  • Google Photos: automatically creates a backup of my photos and reminds me of cool stuff that happened years ago.
  • Google Keep: this is still my favourite note taking app because it integrates well with other Google stuff and looks kinda nice.
  • Authy: Authy stores my MFA keys so that I don’t have to carry a bunch of physical ones.
  • Apollo: the best Reddit app at this moment, with a nice native looking design.
  • Carrot Weather: some profanity added to the weather forecast. I love it!


In terms of hardware I try to maintain a fairly simple setup. I don’t have too much stuff because otherwise everything gets outdated really quickly.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15” (2015): this is a laptop from work. It has an Intel i7, 16GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card and that’s more power than I’ll ever need. It’s like having a very thin, good looking, supercomputer that I can carry with me.
  • iPhone 7 128GB: this is the best phone I’ve ever had. The matte black finish is gorgeous and I never run out of space.
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2: it’s not the best mouse in terms of ergonomics but it’s easy to carry around. I switch from the trackpad to the Magic Mouse regularly in order to prevent RSI.
  • Apple AirPods: I never knew I needed AirPods until I actually bought them. They are truly magical in that they sound nice, the user experience is awesome, and they aren’t as ugly as I thought they would. AirPods feel like they shouldn’t exist but they do.
  • Apple Watch Series 3: this is another one of those “I didn’t know I needed it until I tried” products. My Apple Watch is now an important part of my life, keeping me healthy by daily reminders to stand/walk more and drink more water.
  • Beats Studio Wireless II (matte black): not the best wireless headphones in the world but I got a great deal on them a few years back. They are very good at blocking out the noise of an office or an airplane.


  • The North Face Vault backpack: I recently got this backpack as my daily driver for work and leasure. It’s comfortable, has a lot of space and looks good too.

This website

This website is hosted on a cheap Digitalocean droplet running Ghost in a Docker container with Nginx in front of it as a reverse proxy.

Using my referal link you get $10 in credits which gives you a free server for 2 months.