Hello World, again

This website has gone through a lot of iterations through the years. I update the design one or two times a year because I love tinkering with colors and layouts. This website is my little corner of the internet and I can do whatever I want with it.

The current iteration you’re looking at right now is a bit of a refinement as it follows the same design language but looks more modern, to me at least. I’m hoping it will suit my needs for a few years to come, but you know how that goes…

As a minimalist I always put a big emphasis on simplicity; I like leaving out as much as I can to make room for the content. The web is a distracting place so I like to make my website a place of serenity.

For over a decade I’ve been writing quick tutorials on technical subjects I came across during my work. I enjoyed writing these articles and I also very much enjoyed it when someone told me it was useful to solve an issue they had. But, as with any technical writing, these articles became out of date rather quickly, and I never updated them which wasn’t a particularly good look.

Over the last few months I’ve been moving most of the technical content over to my personal wiki which is quickly becoming my second brain. I think a wiki is a place much better suited for this and it makes it easier for me to update outdated information. Over time it will become a time capsule of information that I hope outlives me. On this website then, I want to write more timeless content like opinion pieces and longform stories.

My priorities and aspirations as a human being change over time and this website is a reflection of that. To that end: Hello World, again.