No new hardware

The Mac side of the MacRumors buyers guide is a barren wasteland of old hardware. The only thing a sane person could possibly buy right now is a retina MacBook. Potential customers are filling up databases of internet forums with complaints of there not being a Skylake CPU in the MacBook Pro’s. Apple became laughing stock when they updated the Mac Pro in 2013 and neglecting the product afterwards.

There’s a problem though.

Most of those complaints come from people who just want the latest and greatest hardware. There is no rational behind it other than “I just want that Skylake CPU and Thunderbolt 3”. Yet all they do on their computers is browse Facebook, maybe open a spreadsheet, write some words in Pages, maybe even import some selfies into the Photos app.

News flash: you don’t need Skylake and Thunderbolt 3 to browse Facebook. You can probably make do with a PowerBook G4 and be perfectly happy, performance-wise.

I get it, it hurts to pay $2000 for a machine that’s roughly 2 years old. But to complain about hardware being too slow for your Facebook needs is just plain wrong. Computers are tools to help you get done what you want to get done.

Consider what you want out of your computer, if you even need all that processing power in tomorrow’s CPU. And then just buy the current MacBook Pro. Because those things are faster than you might ever need.