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My favorite Android apps of 2014

This is the follow up to my 2013 post with my favorite Android apps.

Swarm: easily the best designed Android app to date.

Foursquare: easily the best designed Android app to date. Wait. Foursquare is killing it here.

Sunrise: a beautiful calendar app that ties in with your favorite social networks.

Wunderlist: the new redesigned version is a joy to use.

Flitsmeister: I bought the pro version and I can't live without it.

Rice IRC Client: the best IRC client on Android. Nothing comes even close.

Flow: want some Reddit on your phone? This is the app to get.

Authy: multi-factor authentication for the masses. Even your grandmother can do MFA now.

IFTTT: I automated some tasks with IFTTT and now I'm free of stress. Okay, maybe not, but close!

Impressions of the LG G3 and the Quick Circle case

Some quick things I want to share about the LG G3 and the Quick Circle case.

Having used my Nexus 4 for about 18 months the LG G3 feels HUGE at first. The thin bezels are amazing and it's really the eye catcher of this phone. I've now been using the LG G3 for about a month and I can honestly say, this is the best phone I've ever had.

There's a lot of complaints about battery life and the size of the phone. Both are not an issue, at least for people with average-large size hands. The stand-by time on the G3 absolutely crushes the competition and everything just feels really snappy. Yes, I experienced some lag with the stock launcher but changing to ART solved that issue.

When you first boot the phone there's some bloatware on my EU model but it wasn't too bad. The only really annoying thing I couldn't remove or disable was McAfee. The only solution there is to disable its device administration role. All other bloatware is easily disabled, hidden or even removed.

I think LG did a really great job at keeping true to stock Android while adding a lot of great features and handy UX tricks with the launcher.

The Quick Circle case I got for free is a really nice addition. The EU model has wireless charging built-in to the standard backplate, the US model doesn't seem to have that feature so they need the Quick Circle case to wirelessly charge their phones. I don't know if I'll keep using the case, though. There's already some build up of dust around the edges and it doesn't feel right when you flip the cover to the back when calling. But for anyone who want to give their LG G3 a bit more protection this is the case to get, at least for now.

Mars One Way


There were 200,000 people who applied to participate in a project called Mars One. It’s a private enterprise to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars and film a reality show along the way. The idea is to go in crews of four starting in 2024. The thing is, right now the technology can only get them there.

This is quite a sad documentary about people who, apparently, have so little to live for that they are willing to leave for Mars permanently.

The photos North Korea didn’t want you to see


Using digital memory cards he smuggled out images of the communist nation he was forbidden to take.

In a small fishing village, where Mr Lafforgue visited multiple times, he was treated like an honoured guest. The town was so isolated they had never seen a mobile phone and they spent their days fishing and growing seaweed.

This might be seen as disaster tourism, but I love looking at pictures of daily life in North Korea. I'd love to go there some day to see first hand what it's like to live and work there.



Some of America’s poorest people are being targeted by cyber-scammers. Can an errant hacker find the culprits?

Best long form article I've read in a long time.