Resize the root volume of an Azure VM

Every Azure virtual machine comes with a certain amount of storage for it's root volume, plus a few hundred GigaBytes of instance storage which will get »

Grant an IAM user access to a specific S3 bucket and folder

In Amazon Web Services there's a product called IAM (Identity and Access Management) which allows you to create users and groups and attach policies to both. »

Ghost on Debian with Nginx as a reverse proxy

I finally came around to trying out Ghost and I'm loving it. So much that I switched my old Jekyll website over to Ghost. I used »

PlayStation 4 enthousiasm

Finally, after a lot of going back and forward, and a few rounds of interrogating my friend Sean, I bought a black PlayStation 4. I was »


It's a regular Tuesday morning in January, 6.47 AM. It's cold and dark outside. I should be in the car already but instead I'm slowly »

Require MFA for AWS API and Console access

Sometimes you want to require your users to enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) before being able to do anything with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) account you »

Using Docker to run WordPress behind an Nginx reverse proxy for development

Docker really seems to be taking off as a viable solution for development workflows. If you're working with WordPress there's already a lot of good tools »

Getting A+ on SSLLabs with Nginx and StartSSL

Qualys offers an SSL Test where you can check your SSL setup. They make recommendations on what to tweak to get the highest score possible. I »

A few useful things from the wiki

Some useful Bash aliasses alias sud="sudo -i" alias l="ls -lah" alias ..="cd .." alias ...="cd ../.." alias ~="cd ~" alias -- -="cd -" alias ip="dig »

Quickly switch between AWS accounts using aws-cli

The AWS CLI tools are really great for quick tasks on your AWS infrastructure, like looking which instances are currently running. You can also using aws-cli »